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Who I am?

I am the visionary emphasis of youth.
I am the conglomerate of cantering words and scampering thoughts.
I am the declination of my own life through (no)cases.
I am the constellation of dreams, the galaxy of unpredictability.
Someone, who you have never met before.

I cultivate, make and paste widely understood literature. Lyric, epic, drama and the mixes of these literary genres appear in my mind day by day. I take inspiration from accidentally heard thoughts, furtive gazes, fleeing pictures and from my interior as well. Karton Literacki (literary box) is the collection of all the rushing ideas. I’d love to let them go to the world, to you. I want you to halt for a while and wonder with me about the power of literature. That’s why I encourage you to leave your thoughts, comments and inspirations below my posts. My blog is bilingual, Polish-English, because I want to overpass the boundaries of one country. To change the language, press the symbol of Polish flag. I’m not going to focus on any particular motif or form – when you put your hand into the box you can’t be sure what’s inside, can you?

I believe that we will get to know better as the time flies, but let’s begin with few words about me. My name is Joanna and I live in the proud region of Silesian agglomeration. I study English Philology, which is my second great passion, that’s why you can find many apparent digressions to British and American culture. Because you cannot abandon something which had shaped you, right?
Well, to continue, studying language and literary studies bother me daily. Needless to say that my passion is literature. Every day I read classic, innovatory and very ordinary works of British, American and Polish writers. To be honest, I’m still not able to decide which type I prefer the most. Apart from literature, I love alternative music, vinyls, cooking (especially pasta), elegant clothes and cats. Sometimes I take pictures of transitory moments, which I’m going to share here, on the blog. A large part of them would never exist without help of my beloved partner, Peter.
The rest I remain shrouded in mystery – if you stay with me, you’ll know some of the secrets.

Welcome to my irregular world.

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