“…be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…”

“Is Splitty filled up? Or you want me to stop on Sheetz? I’m not sure if she’s gonna take it.”

“Yeah, dad did it yesterday. She’ll be fine. Just go, Rusty, we gotta be there until midnight!”

“Since when we have to hurry? I thought we’re on vacations or something. Cool it.”

“Just bookin’! We’ve got 50 miles left for Altamont, floor it and go!”

“Seriously, Jan? You’re in a rush to meet your hippie friends or you freak out that our folks gonna find out about the car? And call the cabs.”

“Shut up! You know they’re not gonna do this, dad’s cranky, he’s only talking. Remember, last time they were just unglued.”

“Last time, you mean Woodstock? When they asked uncle Ben from New York to take us home?”

“Oh, don’t look at me like this. Okay, they were furious.”

“Yeah, just a little. They only took my driving license and locked you in the room for two weeks.”

“But it was totally worth it! Woodstock was the best festival ever! The atmosphere was outta sight! Remember those flowers and freedom, and lying on the grass –”

“– and smoking grass on Jimi Hendrix’s concert and lurking for him on the backstage? Yeah, I do remember.”

“He was sooo foxy, Rusty! I hope he’ll be there, at Altamont. Do you think he remembers me?”

“Cool it and don’t be silly, sis. Of course not. I bet he doesn’t remember anything, he was too smashed. But boss, so boss… By the way, are we there yet?”

”30 miles left.”

“I’m tired. I don’t even know why I’m going with you, you know I’m not really into this whole flower power and stuff.”

“But you’re into Nancy and she’s definitely gonna be there. Are you blushing? You’re jazzed to see her and her long legs in mini skirt, huh? Gotcha!”

“A word to her and you’re dead. No girly gossips, no smirks, understood?”

“Sure, Mr. Pig, I’m not a child. Don’t forget to close the tent properly when you’ll take her ‘on the walk,’ bro.”

“Cool it, Jen. I don’t want you to look at me, peeper. So, when we’re in Altamont, the plan is that you’re going to find a good place for camping and get something eatable, and I’m going to catch my friends and Nancy. Alright? Jen? Jen?! Are you sleeping?”

” What? Nooo, I wasn’t. I was just thinking about the concerts, you know, if Jefferson Airplane will play White Rabbit and what Mick Jagger is going to wear…”

“No way! I’m trying to be responsible and you’re thinking only about clothes and having fun!”

“And? What’s wrong with that, remember, peace and love, Rusty. I’m going to the back to change my clothes into more groovy ones! And I suggest you do the same. Wanna some flowers to your hair?”

“No, thanks. Prepare just my jeans and leather jacket and shut up. I can’t focus on the road when you’re humming all the time. I see Altamont signs on the right, which means…”


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